Black and White Wedding Theme
Elegant and Sophisticated

Colors can sometimes make for the simplest, yet most striking statements at a wedding. A classical black and white wedding theme is still a very popular choice among couples. Simple, yet sophisticated, this theme is fairly simple to plan.

Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas

However, if you would like to waver a bit from the strictly black and white wedding color scheme, consider adding the slightest hints of one other color as contrast, such as bright red, bright pink, emerald green or a hint of gold. (See our Black & Gold Wedding Theme too).

Don't go overboard though... add just a hint here and there. For example, white roses with the tips tinted red and nestled in a black vase sitting on a table covered in a white tablecloth. Use black napkins secured with white napkin rings and a hint of some other color. These are simple accents that you could try which won't overpower the black and white theme.

Plan a Black and White Cocktail Inspired Theme Wedding

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Bridal Attire For The Entire Wedding Party

Keep your wedding attire simple. A black & white wedding doesn't go well with ruffles and frills. For the bride, dress in a sleek straight cut white gown. Some raised embroidered details near the hem would look lovely. Add a long chiffon scarf draped around the front of the neck, over the shoulders and hanging down the back of the dress.

Have your bridesmaid's dress in black. Here is a good place to add that accent color if you wish. On the bridesmaid's outfits add a colored chiffon accent scarf or have them carry a single, accent colored flower.

The groom and groomsmen should dress in black tuxedos with white shirts. Again, you can incorporate an accent color here on the Cummerbunds. Very smart!

Black and White Wedding Invitations

Invitations that are black and white look very sharp and elegant. Many couples like the idea of creating their own wedding stationary designs, so the do-it-yourself option is the best way to go (and it can save money too). If this appeals to you, click here for a variety of DIY wedding kits available through

On the other hand, if you would rather order your invitations, here are a few samples of the top selling black & white invitations available from Invitation Consultants. Just click on the graphics below to learn more about each invitation featured. Additionally, you can also order matching seals and address labels for most of their wedding invites. To see more black and white invitations, click here. They also offer Free Shipping on orders over $150.

Zoe Style Black
Zoe Style Black
Zoe Style White
Zoe Style White
Compact in Black
Compact in Black
Classy Silhouette
Classy Silhouette
Love is Bold
Love is Bold
Ebony Flourish
Ebony Flourish

Decorations a Black and White Wedding Theme

Decorating your ceremony and wedding reception locations should be a snap. Remember to keep it simple and uncluttered.

Note: You can find some beautiful black and white wedding decorations and bridal accessories at

  • For pew markers choose large white bows with a black center knot. Want an accent color? Attach a small silk flower in center of knot in your color choice.
  • Use white tablecloths, black napkins, black dishes... or reverse this if possible and if it isn't too expensive (black tablecloth, white napkins, white plates). For the napkins, have your names and wedding date printed in the opposite color. Accent the settings with a colored foil-wrapped chocolate rose, a rose candle across the plates, or use colored napkin rings (for cloth napkins).
  • Use black and white balloons for arches and balloon bouquets. Tie black balloons with white ribbon, white balloons with black ribbon.
  • On tables, select white flowers for arrangements in black ceramic vases. Tie an accent colored ribbon around the neck of the vase for emphasis. Or get really funky with black silk roses and rose petals paired with white vases.
  • Another table centerpiece idea would be to use black candlesticks or candelabra's with white taper candles.
  • Light up the tables with black and white floating candles in a clear crystal bowl. Alternatively, use black candles in a white bowl and vice versa. You could also fill a clear, wide vase or jar with Black and White Pearl Beads (Vase Filler Gems) and set a white or black candle inside. Alternate the candle colors on different tables. (These beads are also perfect for securing flower arrangements too.)

Black and White Wedding Favors

There are a tremendous amount of ideas of what would serve as lovely favors for your guests. Here are just a few suggestions:

Small candies, delicate soaps or delectable chocolates always make lovely favors. The beauty of these treats is that they can easily be nestled within a pretty black and white favor box, which you can decorate to fit your theme.

For example, these 2 inch square wedding boxes by Hortense B. Hewitt are the perfect option. Each of these white boxes have reversible wraps that feature a black and white flourish pattern, along with black 5/8-inch pre-cut satin ribbon and double-sided tape.

If you are planning to add a contrasting color to your black and white wedding scheme, you could easily swap out the black ribbon for your own color preference.

Click here for Hortense B. Hewitt Favor Boxes with Reversible Black and White Flourish Wrap, Pack of 25. Available from Amazon.

A bottle opener is something everyone can use, so as a favor gift it's a lovely, yet practical choice to present to your guests.

This delightful Heart Accented Key Bottle Opener Favor (set of 50 - available from is a token that your guests will be able to use and enjoy for years to come.

Each favor is delivered in a clear topped deluxe black box finished with a white organza bow and a thank you tag - all ready for you to set at each place setting.

Now that's convenience, especially since it eliminates a lot of additional work of putting your own favors together!


Everyone loves lollipops! This set of 36 gourmet personalized damask lollipops are a delicious favor pick.

The lollipops are 2 inches in size and are white with a strawberry flavor. They come assembled with a satin bow and personalized satin gloss circle label. There will also be a back label with "Sweet of you to come" printed on it.

When ordering, you just need to enter your colors and the personalization that you desire in the gift message section.

Also included is instructions on how to construct your own centerpiece bouquet with the lollipops, which can then serve as your table centerpieces as well!

Click here to order your Personalized Damask Lollipops (Set of 36) from Amazon.

A few other black and white wedding favors you may want to consider, are

Flowers, Arrangements and Bridal Bouquets

The type of arrangement you'd like to have is best discussed with your florist. However, here are some flower suggestions that you may want to consider for your flower arrangements and table centerpieces, as well as bouquets. Keep in mind, a single flower can often make more of an elegant statement than an overflowing bouquet, especially with a black and white wedding theme.

  • Combine black "Queen of Night" tulips with white tulips.
  • White orchids are always beautiful.
  • White roses and black roses.
  • Other white flowers: Gladiolus, Lilacs, Carnations, Gardenia, Stephanotis, Calla Lily, Apple Blossom, Magnolia, Narcissus, Aster, White Lilies.

Refreshments For a Black and White Wedding

Alcohol wise...Black Russians and White Russians, of course!

Black and White Wedding Cakes

Looking for some cake designs to suit your color scheme? Take a look at these three beautiful selections:

Black and White Wedding Cakes Square Black and White Wedding Cake Round Black and White Wedding Cake

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Article updated: November 30, 2011


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