Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning Fairytale Weddings

Candlelight, champagne, a beautiful aura of ambience - this is what a romantic wedding theme entails. From soft subtle colors to fine music and elegant decorations, fairytale weddings speak to the heart.

Romantic weddings seem to lend themselves to smaller, more intimate ceremonies and reception celebrations, rather than large gatherings, although creating a fairy tale wedding theme for 200+ guests can certainly be achieved with careful planning.

Fairytale Weddings Filled With Romance

Romantic Wedding Theme Ideas

So what constitutes a romantic wedding theme? Some may lean toward red or pink hearts; soft, delicate flowers; candles; bubbly champagne and wine; pearls; large bows; organza and chiffon materials; romantic music.

You can find romance through specific historical eras too. Victorian weddings can be quaintly captivating and nostalgic, while Medieval or Renaissance weddings create visions of lovely damsels awaiting their knights in shining armor.

Along those lines, another great fairy tale wedding theme would revolve around the mythical legend of Camelot. Why not recreate the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere, with the "knights of the round table" in attendance?

As you can see, there are many romantic wedding theme variations that work well with "romance"... and they don't have to be just hearts and flowers!

How about a "Love" wedding, where you use the words of love in different languages - on favor tags, place settings... even on your invitations?

Do you like fairies? Plan your marriage celebration around this charming fairy theme wedding idea, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Love Shakespeare, but not necessarily fairies? Then perhaps a Romeo and Juliet wedding appeals to you instead? (Your day will end very well, of course.)

Celebrate Your Marriage With These Fairytale Weddings

The following articles will provide you with many suggestions on what you can do to plan and organize an enchanting ceremony and a glamorous (or whimsical) reception.

Romantic Weddings and Ideas

Butterfly Wedding Theme
Beautiful butterflies create a fluttering of romance. Discover great ideas for butterfly decorations, invitations, cake ideas, accessories, favors and more.

Fabulous Ideas for Fairytale Weddings
Try a new twist on fairytale wedding ideas like a wizard's magic theme or unicorns. Try storybook themes such as Aladdin and Finding Nemo.

Plan a Romantic Heart and Swan Wedding Theme
Merge two eternal love symbols - hearts and swans - to create a unique and personal wedding celebration.

Romantic Quotes for Your Wedding
Romantic quotes can be added to the front or inside of wedding invitations, used in wedding programs, and even to your favor gift tags. Here is a selection of quotes and sayings with a romantic flair.

Victorian Weddings: A Garden Celebration In The Afternoon
Serve up some crumpets, tea, and old world charm with this Victorian wedding garden theme. For a change of pace, this outdoor vintage wedding will be held in the afternoon.

Medieval and Renaissance Themes

Ceremony Locations for Medieval Wedding Themes
If you're having problems thinking of suitable locations on where to hold Medieval wedding themes, here are a few suggestions to help you with this dilemma.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme: A Marriage In Camelot
Do you love the idea of a fairy tale wedding theme? Then lets travel to Camelot and get married in the court of King Arthur with his knights of the round table in attendance.

How to Find a Beautiful Medieval Wedding Dress
A popular option today is to wear Medieval Renaissance wedding dresses instead of traditional white gowns. Here are tips on where you can find them.

Personalizing Your Medieval Wedding Invitations
Whether you are making your own Medieval wedding invitations or looking to order pre-made designs, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Fairytale Weddings From Shakespeare

Fairy Theme Wedding: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Recreate one of Shakespeare's famous plays as your wedding theme. A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding is romantic, whimsical, and perfect for any fairy theme wedding idea.

Plan a Romeo and Juliet Wedding
Add a little Shakespearean romance to your marriage celebration plans with a Romeo and Juliet wedding theme.

Plan a Fabulous Storybook Fantasy Wedding

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