Delightful Spring Wedding
Themes and Ideas

A wealth of beautiful ideas featuring spring wedding themes appear as the winter season ends and the warmer weather arrives bringing with it colorful flowers, green grasses, and fragrant blossoms and leaves upon the trees.

Spring Wedding Themes - Cherry Blossoms

Spring flowers are usually a preferred theme for many couples. Daffodils, crocuses, lilies, tulips are some of the favorite flowers chosen by brides. Any one of these can be used as a theme for planning your wedding.

Another option is to focus your spring wedding ideas on flowering bushes and trees such as fragrant lilacs, pussy-willows, along with apple and orange blossoms.

A very popular choice? Plan a cherry blossom wedding.

Working With The Colors of Spring

Spring wedding colors usually lean toward pastel shades such as the soft blues of a hyacinth, the pretty pink of an azalea, the soft shades of purple lilacs, the blooms of yellow forsythia, and the light to mid-green colors of newly sprung floral stems and leaves.

Spring Wedding Themes - Bouquet of Spring Flowers

However, vibrant hues are certainly seen, such as the bright yellows and reds of tulips or the deep purple of an iris. So don't feel you are limited to only the pale Easter-egg shades that were so often chosen in the past. Rev it up if you wish.

You can easily create an engaging wedding color scheme by pairing two or more colors together such as pinks and greens, hot oranges and pinks, or deep purples and vibrant (or pale) yellows. Just take your cue from nature itself.

A few other spring wedding themes that are also popular are: a Tiffany blue wedding, green weddings (both environmentally focused and as a color theme choice), and chocolate brown paired with robin egg blue or pale pink.

When it comes to spring wedding ideas, the main rule of thumb is to stay away from the dark, rich colors usually associated with fall and winter (burgundy reds, pumpkin oranges, golden yellows, rich royal blues and purples). Remember to keep your wedding colors light and airy to reflect the renewal of spring.

More Great Ideas For Spring Wedding Themes - Birds

Stepping away from floral selections for a bit, let's consider other signs that celebrate this season - in this case, the appearance of spring birds.

For example, robins reappear at this time. Plan a wedding around this delightful song bird using robin egg blue paired with pale to medium orange tints and light brown accents. Add in favors and decorations that feature robins.

Woodpeckers beginning their drumming on trees once more. Gorgeous in color, a red-bellied woodpecker or a yellow-bellied sapsucker would make charming symbols for a spring wedding.

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