Fun and Unique Wedding Ideas and Themes

Be original! Check out these unique wedding ideas. We have some cool and funky unique ideas for weddings that include wizards, fishing, angels, even ancient Romans!

Unique Wedding Ideas

When planning out an original theme wedding it's wise to focus on your wants, desires, combined personalities, and hobbies. We give you several fun wedding ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Look for unique wedding themes that bring forward your special interests. For example, those that really admire Elvis Presley may choose to plan an Elvis wedding - or go off to Vegas and be married by an Elvis impersonator.

Some hobbies are perfect for memorable unique wedding ideas and themes. How about an "Artists of the World" theme, where you feature your favorite artist - or perhaps feature one famous painter per guest table?

Do you really enjoy music? Then design your theme wedding around your favorite songs, band, instrument, or the genre of music that you love the most. Or try this: depending on how many guest tables you will have at the reception, you could showcase one music genre at each table.

Below you will find articles giving suggestions for several different types of unique wedding ideas. Don't forget to add your own personal touch to any theme variation that you may choose.

Fun, Funky and Unique Wedding Themes and Ideas

Going Fishing Theme Wedding
For those who like sport themed weddings, here's a fishing theme wedding idea just for you. Let's plan a fisherman's paradise.

Angel Theme Wedding
When planning an angel theme wedding, think fluffy white feathers, cute cherubs, Grecian columns and urns, and of course, angel wings to use as a decorating scheme.

Catch a Falling Star Theme Wedding
Capture the essence of a celestial marriage celebration with this falling star theme wedding idea.

Unique Wedding Theme - Fine Art Wedding
Are you looking for a unique wedding theme? How about planning a fine art wedding featuring your favorite famous artists? We've got some great ideas for this theme wedding.

Wedding Theme Idea: Wizard's Magic
Sorcery and enchantment await your guests when they witness the magic of this fantasy wedding theme idea.

Ancient Roman Weddings
Ancient Roman weddings are an interesting and delightful way to celebrate your nuptials. Use these great ideas for a charming marriage celebration out of ancient history.

Ideas for Sports Themed Weddings
Sport themed weddings have a lot of great options when it comes to decorations. Here are some ideas for a large variety of sports and what you can do for invitations, favors, decorating, etc.

Great Holiday Theme Wedding Ideas
What's your favorite holiday? Take a look at these great examples of holiday theme wedding ideas that will spark lots of possibilities for your upcoming nuptials.

Fun Wedding Ideas With Animal, Insect, Fish & Bird Themes
Looking for some fun wedding ideas? Try planning your theme wedding around the wonderful creatures that roam our world.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas & Wedding Customs
Make your marriage ceremony memorable using old customs along with new modern traditions practiced at wedding celebrations around the world.

Unique Wedding Decorations
Do you want to do a little something different for your wedding reception? Have a look at these unique wedding decorations and ideas that add personality and style to your marriage event.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas and Customs
There are many unique wedding reception ideas based on charming traditions and customs. Why not weave some of these beautiful customs into your own marriage celebrations?

Unity Wedding Candle Ceremonies & Unity Sand Ceremony Ideas
Unity wedding candle ceremonies and the unity sand ceremony are lovely aspects of any marriage. Here are additional ways to make these traditions uniquely your own.