Country and Western Wedding Centerpieces

Create attractive country and western wedding centerpieces for your reception tables that range from simple and elegant to fun and humorous

Western Wedding Centerpieces

Are you leaning toward country wedding ideas with gingham covered tables, wicker baskets and wildflower centerpieces arranged in tole-painted tin buckets? Or are you leaning toward table decorations that reflect the old wild west?

Perhaps you've chosen to have a cowboy chic wedding that requires more sophisticated table decorations with a hint of western style or you would really love to capture some south-western ambience with a bit of Mexican flair.

Whichever type of wedding style you may be looking at - whether that be casual or formal - the following should provide you with a lot of great ideas on how to decorate your tables.

  • Flowers and petals in an old-fashioned pitcher and bowl were often displayed on vanity tables. These would make a very quaint country and western centerpiece for your food tables, as well as guest tables. Place the centerpiece on gathered tulle or lace and scatter additional petals around the outside.
  • Use antique looking hurricane lamps as centerpieces.
  • Wrap and glue rope around a deep glass votive candle holder. Use green or rust colored votive candles for a western look.
  • How about using gold prospecting pans as centerpieces? Paint rocks with a gold spray paint and place them in the as "gold nuggets", mixed in with regular river rocks. Add in some gold foil-covered chocolate coins. Place a narrow glass vase with some daisies in the center of the pan.
  • Use upside down cowboy hats and line them with napkins or bandanas. Place warm rolls or fresh fruit in the hats. This serves as a nice looking, yet functional centerpiece.
  • Use potted cactuses as centerpieces instead of flowers. Place some small pieces of driftwood next to each cactus if desired.
  • Float 4 to 5 roses, daisies or apple blossoms along with floating candles in a wooden or pottery type bowl. Scatter additional flower petals around the table.
  • Place bandana's under centerpieces for contrast.
  • Scatter cowboy confetti on table. (Shapes with cowboy boots, hats, etc.)
  • Fill metal campfire coffeepots or coffee mugs with daisies, zinnias or sunflowers. (Click here for a list of western wedding flowers.)
  • A great and simple idea is candles or wildflowers in mason jars. Tie a raffia ribbon around the edge to decorate.
  • Spray paint horseshoes and place in the center of the table. Place a large candle in the center of the horseshoe. Add some dried flower springs tucked in between the horseshoe and candle.
  • For a more elaborate centerpiece, take a 6" square piece of thin plywood and coat with watered down glue. Drag it through a bucket of sand so the board is covered in sand. Spray a coat of acrylic sealer over top to help hold the sand in place. Lay it down flat, sand side up, to be used as the base. Glue in place a plastic oxen skull, a real or fake cactus and a piece of driftwood to the sand covered board for your own desert scene.
  • A beautiful arrangement for your food tables is to have an assortment of fruit and flowers loosely arranged as decorations.
  • Use pottery jugs as flower holders. With a permanent black marker write: "XXX Moonshine Whiskey" on the jug.

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas on how you can decorate your tables. Be sure to see our page on western wedding decorations for a lot more suggestions on how to decorate both your ceremony and reception venues.