Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Winter wonderland wedding ideas are the perfect way to create a world of wondrous enchantment on your special day. By using reflections of gold and silver on a pure white background, you can add sparkle and shine to all of your wedding decor.

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Winter Wedding Attire

Winter Wedding Gowns

Select a pure white gown perhaps with a white faux fur trim. Gold or silver beading would also look nice and reflect the light as you walk down the aisle.

If the wedding dress you choose is simple and form fitting, consider wearing a white, hooded cloak with white faux fur trim and carrying a white fur muff, rather than a bouquet.

A gold or silver dress would also look stunning. Wear a gold or silver tiara instead of a headpiece and veil.

Groom and His Attendant's Attire

Rather than black, select a white tuxedo with a gold or silver colored vest and bow tie.

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid's Attire

Simple white gowns with gold or silver trim or beading. A straight cloak with white faux fur trim, or ones that are edged in gold or silver trim.

Shimmering gold or silver dresses would also provide a lovely contrast to the bride's pure white dress and is in keeping with this winter wonderland wedding theme.

Decorations For A Winter Wonderland Wedding

It's the decor that sets the proper theme setting when it comes to winter wonderland wedding ideas. Here are some suggestions to transform your reception:

    Centerpiece for Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas
  • Get some large, willow branches if possible (if you can't find these then use regular tree branches). Spray paint all the branches white. Then lightly spray paint some branches with gold glitter paint and some with silver glitter paint. Set the branches in buckets filled with sand or gravel. Cover the outside of the buckets with shimmering gold and silver colored fabric, gathered up near the rim and secure with a length of white ribbon and a beautiful bow. String small, twinkling lights throughout the branches and place the "trees" throughout the room.
  • Make or buy various sizes of white and silver snowflakes. Hang from the ceiling.
  • Cover tables in a white tablecloth. Add smaller accent cloths of gold and silver. Another thing you can do is leave the white tablecloth as is and sprinkle some gold and silver confetti around the center of the table.
  • For the budget-minded couple, create balloon bouquets of silver, white and gold balloons. Use white curly ribbon to tie the balloons together, leaving streamers of ribbon hanging down. Secure the bouquets to some sort of weight (such as tying it to bricks sprayed white, gold or silver or covered in cloth).

Table Decor and Centerpieces

For most of your winter wedding reception centerpieces and decor, stick with a pure white and then add in a few enhancements of silver or gold.

  • Buy plain wicker baskets and spray paint some baskets in white, some in gold and some in silver. Tie a large bow to the handle or glue a length of ribbon around the basked and glue a bow on one side. Fill with gold, white and silver Christmas balls. You could follow the same basic idea, except use clear glass bowls instead of baskets, so the balls show through.
  • Use a small glass bowl and fill with glass beads or white gel beads. Set a several small votive or pillar candles into the bowl nestled within the beads.
  • Use elegant white flowers arranged in a simple white vase. Tie gold and silver ribbons around the neck allowing the streamers to hang down. You may also wish to have the flower tips dipped in a gold and silver dye.
  • Place a mirror in the center of the table and arrange 3 wine glasses of different heights on the mirror. Fill with water and float a white flower in each. Sprinkle some glitter over the mirror and arrange some votive candles underneath the glasses.

Winter White Centerpiece Ideas and Table Setting

This is a very beautiful and romantic holiday table setting. However, you can also use it as winter wedding reception centerpieces too!

The main focus will be on how the centerpieces were made, but also take in some of the ideas of the table decorations shown - white plates, white napkins with some icy blue, large silver ornament balls, crystal glasses and a couple of vases filled with white hydrangeas.

It's a wonderful way to pull a winter wonderland wedding theme together.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas - Guest Favors

  • Purchase white Christmas balls. Using glitter paint, write your names on the balls with your wedding date. Glue a small silver or gold bow to the top. This will make a nice remembrance for your guests to hang on their own Christmas trees each year.
  • Take two square pieces of gold or silver colored material and sew together, leaving a small opening at the top. Fill with potpourri and sew opening closed. Add lace, ribbon or other trim to decorate the sachet.
  • Cut a circle of white tulle and fill with candies, chocolate kisses, mints or nuts. Gather the tulle up and secure with silver or gold ribbon.
  • Tie two beeswax candles together with ribbon. Add a small spray of baby's breath or a flower slipped under the ribbon.

Winter Wedding Cakes

What would a winter wonderland wedding be without an all white cake? Here are a few photos of winter wedding cakes that would suit this theme:

Pure White Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake - Photo by Carabou Winter Wedding White Cupcake Tower - Photo by American Candy Stand Cupcakes, 3 tier Winter Wedding Cake - Photo by Karla Cakes,

Winter Wedding Flowers and Bouquet Ideas

Here are a few ideas for what to carry down the aisle. Additional suggestions can be found in our article Winter Wedding Flowers.

  • Carry a single white candle with gold and silver ribbon tied around the middle.
  • Use a fur muff.
  • Carry an all white bouquet with accents of gold and silver bouquet jewelry.
  • Carry a single white rose with gold and silver streamers tied to the stem.

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